Complete Skid Assemblies

image of complete skid assembly with a gear meter, VFD and motor

We build complete skid assemblies with many optional accessories; Choose any one of our pumps then add a screen box, VFD, mass flow meter, etc.

The skids are all steel welded construction with a powder-coated finish. Any pulley ratio can be engineered to meet a desired flow range. Add a VFD for even more precise speed control, reversibility, etc.

All major components have heat jacketing with a common JIC connection. The ports are a standard 3" flange. As a result, many different configurations are available.


900R Complete Skid Assembly

Using our larger 900R pump, this unloading skid has a capacity up to 497 GPM!

All components are heat traced with a common JIC connection. The unit has pressure relief in both directions. It also includes our no-leak lip seal. The ports easily adapt to 3", 4", or 6" plumbing.

Unload a 6,000 gal truck in less than 20 Minutes!


image of a 600R Transfer Pump Skid Assembly

Use our skids for transfer and tank/trailer loading and unloading.

Sizes range from 2.5"-6" flanges and flow rates range from 15-497 GPM!

No leak lip seals, heat-traced components, and relief valves in both directions; help to keep you up an running and minimize maintenance.

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